The Downtown Grocery Issue – DCRA Hosts a Letter Campaign

Hello everyone,

We would like to invite you to participate in a Letter Campaign targeted at Winnipeg politicians, stakeholders, and interest groups to address the effects of Grocery Store services in the downtown and the other subsequent issues that have stemmed from this particular issue.

The primary issue of this campaign is to address the need for available, sustainable, affordable, and accessible access to Grocery Services in our downtown.  Though other issues arise as a consequence of this issue, the recent departure of available Grocery Services in our downtown is the impetus of this campaign.

Here is a sample Template Letter.

Help put up our Campaign posters: 8.5X11 -OR- 11X17

  • Print and send, write your own, but most importantly: get it out there!

The plan:

  • Write a letter to your City Councillor and MLA detailing your concern on the Downtown Grocery Issue.  A template letter for this campaign is available to you here.  Though it is much more effective to write your own letter by hand, you can also fill out the blanks and print this letter as your own.  These Campaigns run on numbers: the more letters one receives, the harder it is to ignore the issue.
  • Mail this letter to your City Councillor and your MLA to start.  You may also consider other interested parties such as Centre Venture and your community Biz group.  Contacts are provided below.
  • You, along with residents in the greater downtown area, will be contributing your personal appeals to people that matter.  We’ve invited other downtown resident associations to help us take up this cause.
  • We hope that the recipients of these letters will receive these letters by the end of the month.

We feel that it is important to run this Letter Writing Campaign for a few reasons:

  • The interests of the Winnipeg’s Downtown residents, though voiced individually to media outlets and by city stakeholders, are more or less accurate but disconnected from the actual residents who wish to voice their individual concerns.  The assumption is that there is a problem.  This campaign would move to solidify that claim through direct and personal appeals.
  • As is the case with all Letter Writing Campaigns, the letters we generate as a community are undeniable statistics in regards to an issue.  By gaining our physical appeals, it is the hope that city politicians and stakeholders can use our letters as leverage for change.
  • A petition document or individual appeal can only go so far.  We hope to make this a concentrated front to address this most important concern.

We hope to address this issue while bringing our own solutions to address the problem, but the intention of this campaign is to engage our city stakeholders in discussion on collaborating with the residents who live, work, and play in our downtown.  For more information regarding the headway made to addressing this issue, find Addenda to our last Regular Meeting on our website.

People who you could write to:

  • Councillor Jenny Gerbasi
    • Fort Rouge – East Fort Garry Ward
    • Council Building
      510 Main Street
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      R3B 1B9
  • Minister Flor Marcelino
    • MLA for Logan
    • Legislative Building
      Room 118
      450 Broadway
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      R3C 0V8
  • Stefano Grande
    • Executive Director – Downtown Biz
    • 426 Portage Avenue
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      R3C 0C9
  • Ross McGowan
    • President & CEO – Centre Venture
    • CentreVenture Development Corporation
      492 Main Street
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      R3B 1B7

Or use these links to find your councillor and MLA for your area:


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