AGM 1.0 Highlights

Thank you to the 20+ neighbours who were able to make it out to our meeting despite the weather and the hockey game.  Our meeting was graciously held by Jenny Bische and the historical Dalnavert Museum.  We enjoyed coffee that was donated by the Fyxx on Broadway and treats donated by the neighbours in attendance.  Here are some highlights:

  • Post-it review: we looked at what our neighbours had to say from our last meeting in November about living downtown, the issues that we face as residents, and ways to make Downtown a better place to live, work, and play.  We hope to incorporate these issues to spark conversation at our events and online on our under-construction website.  Since the success of the post-it feedback from the last meeting, we’ll be continuing this trend for future meetings.
  • By-law revisions: Revisions were requested that ensured majority voting priority to residents within the downtown area at all meetings.  Also, during the first few years of starting this association, another revision was made to allow for Acting Directors to participate as part of the standing Board of Directors.  These revisions were passed unanimously.
  • By-law enactment:  Our By-Laws were voted in and enacted January 27th, 2013, making things official!
  • Board of Directors:  Our panel of 5 nominees which included Khris Lister, Jomar Manzano, Leslie Olsson, Kelvin Peters, and Fabian Suarez-Amaya was voted in as the DCRA’s first Board of Directors.  We hope to see more interest generated for neighbours to take on Acting Director positions as the year progresses.
  • Guest Speaker: We were visited by Jenny Gerbasi.  She expressed her excitement with the establishment of the DCRA as a vehicle to build community amongst the residents of the Downtown.  She further encouraged the DCRA to continue to foster a positive environment for Downtown residents to coalesce and discuss.

Our first Regular Meeting of Directors will be held February 24th at 7pm.  More information regarding this meeting will be released soon.

If you’d like to comment on how we did or what you’d like to see next, please email us.  More to come.


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is composed of residents who live in the areas between the Assiniboine River, Memorial Boulevard, Portage Avenue, and the Forks (South Portage, Legislature, and Broadway / Assiniboine communities).

We're building a stronger community, working together, and raising a voice for the Downtown!



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