Meeting Minutes 08/11/12 – Directors at Large

Hello Everyone,

We had a shorter meeting this past Thursday at the Fyxx.  Here are some notes from the meeting:

  • We need help spreading the word about our First Residents Meeting.  If you can, print this poster and put it up in your building or wherever.  Tell your friends.
  • Addition to our ‘Scrawl on the Wall’ feature at our meeting:  We’ll be putting up a map of downtown and asking our neighbours to tell us where they live using push pins or stickers.  It’ll help us find out if we’re getting to everyone in this neighbourhood… plus, it’s kind of interesting to know where “home” is for people
  • At this meeting, we hope to drum up excitement for our call for “Directors at Large”.  To get non-for-profit funding for our association, we need to have a governing body of people to represent the association’s interests.  We are looking to establish “A board of Directors”: really, a group of no more than 15 people to meet regularly, to make decisions for the association, and to represent the interests of the residents.  If they choose to later, they can take up special projects, organize events, form committees, or run for executive positions.  FIRST THING’S FIRST: we need at least 9 people to sit on this board.
  • There was more side talk about moving towards establishing a Community Centre as a first major project for this association.  This Community Centre would act as a free or affordable space for the DCRA and the community to use.  We talked about how the DCRA could share this space with other neighbourhood associations with similar interests.  The space would be big enough to hold a meeting, a medium sized gathering, or a standing room basket ball game—like the size of a small gym with side storage and offices.  In relation to Directors and committees, a project of this size and importance could be headed by one person and supported by a committee of residents.  For those who are excited about getting involved, a project like this could be the answer.

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is composed of residents who live in the areas between the Assiniboine River, Memorial Boulevard, Portage Avenue, and the Forks (South Portage, Legislature, and Broadway / Assiniboine communities).

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