(now) Meeting at the Fyxx, Agenda for AGM 00

Hello Friends,

Due to popular demand, and because our posters and website still advertise it that way, our meeting was held and will be held at the Fyxx until further notice–same bat time, same bat channel.  Again, look for the bald guy with glasses… you can’t miss the handsome devil.

Our meeting today focused on the tentative agenda for AGM 00.  We want to make this meeting a lead up to AGM 01 which will be held on January 2013 and will have a more procedural feel.  AGM 00 will focus on inviting people out for the first time and starting the conversation.  It’ll be an introduction, a chance for neighbours to come together for the first time as a community, and to move towards forming the DCRA.

Here’s what we came up with:

  1. Intro and Background:  What is the DCRA, it’s purpose, and what is already in place for us to use.
  2. DCRA Function and Action: The residents come together as a community to celebrate our neighbourhood, but also to bring to light issues that are important to us.  What events can we expect to see within a year?  How do we turn our concerns into action?
  3. Neighbourhood Leadership: Sooooo how do we intend to run this thing… here, we introduce the ideas of Committees, Subcommittees, and governance of the association.
  4. Issues:  Over the past months we’ve gathered your thoughts about issues in the downtown that are important to you.
  5. Close:  AGM01 will be held sometime January 2013… see you then!

The whole thing would take about 20-30 minutes and we’d invite everyone to stick around after the meeting for a coffee and a roundtable discussion on ideas, issues in our downtown, and anything else.

The date for this meeting is still tentative as we have yet to secure a venue.  We are looking to change the date for this thing a month from the time that we approve the meeting with the venue–so that means mid November to early December.

Do you know of a place where we can hold this meeting for free?  We are looking for a place that will hold 50-100 people for an hour or two.  If you have any idea, please be sure to email us at

I’m excited.  I hope to see everyone out to AGM 00.  Tell your friends.

-Jomar James


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