DCRA Meeting, August 23

Hello neighbours~

Thanks for another great meeting this evening!

Tonight’s discussion focused on the issue of crime and safety in our community.

We discussed how safety and crime are the area’s biggest and most pressing issue. Concerns were expressed about aggressive panhandling, and resources that should be available to help increase both real and perceived safety for residents, including:

  • Clarifying the roles of the Cadets (aka Blue Coats) and Downtown BIZ ambassadors (aka Red Coats);
  • Extending the time, reach, and presence of Cadets in our area (for example, a stronger presence in the Broadway-Assiniboine area after dark);
  • Creating a “beat/corner/community cop” environment, rather than Cadets/police simply driving around;
  • Dealing with public intoxication in the area;
  • Building a relationship between residents and the Cadets/Police;
  • Working with existing community and social service groups to address these issues and provide resources to the area’s homeless/panhandling population;
  • Densifying the area to make it more active after regular business hours.

Special thanks to Downtown BIZ Ambassador Brendan (#118) who passed by our meeting and stopped to chat and address some of our questions.

We also discussed ensuring representation from the association on Downtown BIZ committees, and discussed creating various committees of our own association that can deal with a variety of issues (eg; safety, environment, development) that can be established at our September general meeting. Residents are encouraged to submit ideas for issues and committees via email at

Downtown BIZ committees are:

  • Community Safety,
  • Image & Cleanliness,
  • Transportation,
  • Parking & Transit
  • Marketing & Events

Special thanks also to Carl who redesigned our posters which can be downloaded and printed by area residents for their own apartment buildings. Download the posters here:



Finally, we are still trying to establish the best time to meet as a group. Please fill out the Doodle poll online, and choose the best dates you can meet for next week. We will announce the meeting date via email and facebook.

We also received the following invitation from Arkadash Bistro on Portage Avenue:

Hello, I own Arkadash Bistro on Portage Avenue, and also live in the Avenue building. I regretfully have not been able to attend any meetings yet as I have not had the time to slip away from work. I am very interested in becoming a regular attendee in the near future. Tomorrow from 5-7pm Arkadash is hosting a meet and greet for the Avenue residents. It wlll be a chance for people in the building to meet each other and establish some new relationships, and of course welcome the residents to the area and introduce Arkadash across the street from them. I will be sure make the DCRA known to my building manager and the residents. Arkadash would like to extend a welcome invitation for the DCRA to hold gatherings or meetings here as the group continues it’s momentum in becoming a larger, more solidified association. It is with great joy that we have managed to start something grassroots like this and I look forward to contributing in whatever ways I and my business can.Regards,Kelvin Peters

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is composed of residents who live in the areas between the Assiniboine River, Memorial Boulevard, Portage Avenue, and the Forks (South Portage, Legislature, and Broadway / Assiniboine communities).

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