Our First Meeting!

Hi Neighbours!

Thanks to those who came out to Thursday’s very first meet-up at the Fyxx!

Here is a summary of the action items for the next meeting:

  1. We will be developing a Mission Statement and Vision Statement for the group, focusing on unity, community, ownership (of our community), diversity. This Mission Statement and Vision Statement will help contextualize who we are, and what we hope to achieve and should serve as a good reference point for neighbours hoping to get involved.
  2. We will be developing a set of ByLaws (similar to those of other existing community groups – why re-invent the wheel!?). These Bylaws will help govern the organization as it grows, and will be especially useful if we begin seeking external funding sources.
  3. We will be developing a logo/branding strategy, website, as well as a communications strategy to help get the organization out to the community. We will be putting together a poster to circulate amongst our neighbourhood’s apartment buildings. This poster (when developed) should go out to the apartment blocks of everyone in this initial group (that means you!) as well as local hot spots (coffee shops, convenience stores, the IGA, etc.). The group already has a good representation from various buildings including:
    Le Chateau York, the Lobby on York, Holiday Towers, Carleton @ Assiniboine, Assiniboine Ave, The Avenue, and others!
  4. We will create an outreach strategy, including a “call for issues”, as well as begin  organizing a meet-and-greet style BBQ in a park or wherever, as well as a larger community meeting to be held at the Broadway Disciples church (or other).
  5. We discussed at length the name of the group, as well as other options. Please feel free to make suggestions, but here are a few ideas:
  • Downtown Community Residents’ Association
  • Broadway Communities Residents’ Association
  • South Portage – Assiniboine Residents’ Association
  • Downtown – Assiniboine Residents’ Association
  • Downtown – Assiniboine Community Residents’ Association

We will be meeting again this Thursday at the Starbucks on Broadway at 6:30pm,  unless otherwise posted.

These initial meetings are more neighbourly than formal, so feel free to meet your neighbours, enjoy a cup of coffee (from a great local business) and relax! :)

To get involved in this exciting new initiative, please sign up here!


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is composed of residents who live in the areas between the Assiniboine River, Memorial Boulevard, Portage Avenue, and the Forks (South Portage, Legislature, and Broadway / Assiniboine communities).

We're building a stronger community, working together, and raising a voice for the Downtown!



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